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Abortion Pill Regret Stories

Every woman and her story is different—from her age to her educational background, to whether she’s single or married. But the one common thread is that regardless of these differences, all of these women and hundreds like them regret their decision to take mifepristone (RU-486). Unfortunately, they can’t go back and change what has happened. Learn from their stories.

I remember going to get the ultrasound and realizing that I have a precious life inside of me.  The abortion nurse just treated me with no respect and was very matter of fact with me.  The counselors were useless because they asked me about getting the abortion and never told me about the post abortive symptoms.  Once I saw the abortion doctor, he gave me the pills and instructions. I remember him telling me that taking the abortion pills was safer than driving a car.

Some people may look at me as hypocritical because I am pro-life. This is because on the day I turned 19, I had an abortion. I was about five weeks along when I took the RU486 pill. I was a young, naive girl who thought partying and fooling around had no consequences – much like many teens believe. I was in my freshman year of college at an out-of-state university which my parents were paying big bucks for me to attend.

On January 26, I took the second set. Hours later the cramping began. I took one pain pill. They gave me a total of eight. I have been given more for a toothache. I had nausea, diarrhea, and the stomach pain really unnerved me. Then I bled. At first it was a small amount. I felt more cramping. I was thinking, "This feels like labor. They did not mention this!" I had two sons and I knew labor pains. My uterus was contracting. I began to notice clumps that seemed to get bigger. I could feel them come out of me. This is no period! I was in the bathroom alone watching this happen; the blood coming out began to look like red ribbons.

I am a woman who is silent no more because I have struggled with anxiety and depression ever since.  I chose to have an abortion because my boyfriend wanted me to and I did not think that I was capable of loving somebody else. I was scared and very young.

It is now six months after my abortion. I am lost. I am suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome, a condition which is rarely recognized within the UK and having also split from the man I was in love with I have little to understand about life and why I am so tormented by death and destruction.


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