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Abortion Pill Reversal Success Stories

Fortunately, there is an effective process for reversing the abortion pill, called ABORTION PILL REVERSAL. Many women have already changed their minds about a MEDICATION ABORTION. It worked for them and it can work for you too!

Dr. Delgado

July 20th 2015

“As we journeyed together through the first trimester, at each visit I saw a transformation in Rhonda, Gary, and Rhonda’s mother. I could see a beautiful love, joy, and peace developing within them and among them. They had recommitted themselves to their faith and were now trusting that God would guide them every step of the way. By the end of the first trimester, I referred Rhonda to an obstetrician. Rhonda feels blessed to have been given a second chance; a second chance she feels was by the grace of God.When I think of Rhonda and Gary, I think that they are, on one hand, extraordinary, but, on the other hand, ordinary like you and me. They initially acted out of fear, but through their near-death experience, they learned the power of trust, faith, purpose, and love”

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