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July 20th 2015

I remember going to get the ultrasound and realizing that I have a precious life inside of me.  The abortion nurse just treated me with no respect and was very matter of fact with me.  The counselors were useless because they asked me about getting the abortion and never told me about the post abortive symptoms.  Once I saw the abortion doctor, he gave me the pills and instructions. I remember him telling me that taking the abortion pills was safer than driving a car.  Who says that?  I went home and got prepared for the "private" abortion. The private abortion turned into immediate pain and agony.  I felt alone, sad, and hopeless.  I also felt guilt and shame because my husband pretty much didn't have much of a voice in the situation.

Once the abortion was "over" on Monday morning, I got up and proceeded with life like nothing happened. I remember not wanting my husband to look at nor touch me.  I also remember not wanting to ever have sex with him.  I continued to cry day in and day out.

—from Silent No More Awareness website (view testimony)

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